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About Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County

Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County (SARTWC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those who are lost or missing. We are prepared to assist other departments such as police, fire, and EMS in a search. We also provide mutual aid assistance to other Search and Rescue agencies upon request. Our members are a group of volunteers commited to training and response. We do not bill for our services.

SARTWC is a member of the Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey
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Our History

For years missing persons in Warren County New Jersey depended on the local police, ambulance, fire, and road departments for help and assistance. In November of 2007, recognizing a need for a highly trained and specialized unit, several K9 trainers began discussing the development of a formal search team. On April 9, 2008 the Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County (Station 24) was founded with 16 members from a variety of backgrounds including EMS, Fire, Police, Nursing, and the Military. Since then,  SARTWC has assisted in search operations across the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Our dedicated volunteers continue to commit themselves to the training it takes to quickly and efficiently find a person who is lost.



The mission of the Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County (SARTWC) is to provide professional nationally trained and certified search and rescue volunteers to law enforcement and OEM (Office of Emergency Management) agencies and work collaboratively in searches, recoveries, and rescues of persons who are missing. The SARTWC will also provide community outreach through education and will work cooperatively with other agencies so “that others may live”.

2023 ​SARTWC Officers:
President: Jerry Labar
Vice President: Nick Mohr
Secretary: Jay Labar
Treasurer: Jerry Mott
SAR Coordinator: Misty Mott
1st Deputy SAR Coordinator: Nick Mohr
2nd Deputy SAR Coordinator: Vacant
Training Officer: Misty Mott / Tom Prostak
K9 Training Officer: Kathy Day
Medical Training Officer: Misty Mott
Resource Officer: Vacant
Trustees: Jerry Labar, Rich Johnson, Lou Iozzi

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