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Are you interested in becoming a member of the Search & Rescue Teams of Warren County (SARTWC)?


SARTWC has 3 types of memberships: 


  • Field Members are trained to deploy into wilderness and urban environments to search for and rescue lost and missing people. Applicants should be in good physical condition, comfortable in outdoors environments, and able to traverse difficult terrain. Field Members are trained first as Land Searchers and may also then specialize in man-trailing, canine handling, search management, and low angle rescue.


  • Support Members are trained to manage base camp necessities during a search, such as creating search task assignment lists, handling on-site resource management responsibilities and providing radio communication with searchers in the field.


  • Associate Members do not deploy into the field during a search. These members volunteer their time to help with fundraising, educational outreach and various administrative and website duties.


No prior experience is necessary to apply for any of the membership types. SARTWC will provide guidance for training requirements.


Want to come to a team training to see what it’s all about?


 Contact us for information on where and when at 


Are you ready to apply for membership?

Becoming a Search and Rescue volunteer is not something to be taken lightly. It involves a serious and strong commitment so "that others may live."  If you are considering applying for membership with SARTWC, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Would I be willing to obtain the training necessary for my level of membership?  The training table below lists the various types of training and courses applicable for each type of team membership.


  • Would I be willing to leave home in the middle of the night to search for someone? (Applies to Field and Support Members)

  • Would I be able to put a 20 to 30+ pound pack on my back, go out in the dark, rain, sleet, or snow, to hike through rough terrain, swampy trails, sticker bushes, rocks, mud, snakes, spiders, and poison ivy for the next six to twelve hours looking for a missing person? (Applies to Field Members) 

  • Would I be willing to contribute my time to team fundraisers and public relations events? (Applies to all Member types)

  • Would I be willing to acquire equipment necessary for searching in the field? Minimum requirements are backpack, compass, radio, helmet, light source, first aid supplies, rip-stop clothing, water bottles, hiking boots. (Applies to Field Members)

  • If you would like to apply for membership, click the button below to obtain information about our application process.



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