Our members and their K9 partners!


Adam joined the team in 2013. He currently serves as a land searcher and trustee. Adam is NASAR SAR TECH II certified and has a strong interest in man tracking, emergency preparedness and wilderness survival. 


Jay is a charter member and an Associate/Support Member for SARTWC and contributes greatly with her skills as the Team's Secretary. Jay is the primary facilitator of our Hug-A-Tree and Survive programs.

Her safety tip: "If you get lost, stay in one place. This will make it easier for searchers to find you!"

Jerry is a charter member and currently is the President and a Trustee for SARTWC. He is certified as a NASAR SAR Tech III and enjoys doing the land searching aspect of searching.

Jerry's safety tip: "Always hike with a friend!"

Jon is nationally certified as a NASAR SAR Tech II and brings extensive search experience with him. He is also a Ham Radio operator. His specialty is land searching and he is always eager to contribute his knowledge to our team. Jon is pictured here with his companion, Beauty.

Kathy comes to us with extensive experience from a SAR team in Alaska. Her background is in forensic anthropology. She is a SAR Tech II and her  K9 partner Tara is nationally certified in trailing and human remains detection

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Kevin (K2FN) is a SAR Tech III Member and a Ham Radio Operator. He contributes to the Team by setting up and managing our communications network.

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Lou is qualified as a Land Searcher I and recently earned his NASAR SAR Tech II certification.


Misty is a Charter Member of SARTWC. She is certified as a NASAR SAR Tech II and also has her PA DCNR FTL certification, NASAR SAR Tech II Mantracker certification, and her ham radio license (KD2CYE). Misty is the SAR Coordinator for the Team. An experienced K9 handler, she started in trailing with Shadow who has passed over the "Rainbow Bridge." Her next dog who has also passed over was Saber who was active as a trailing dog and had been deployed in the field. 

Her safety tip: "Fully charge your cell phone before going into the woods or carry an extra battery with you."

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Nick  holds a variety of Incident Management Certificates and this is backed up by years of experience with the Office of Emergency Management. He is a ham radio operator He is also a qualified UTV operator and has certifications in rope rescue.

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Reyna and “K9 Zackie-O”:  Reyna is nationally certified as a NASAR SAR Tech II. K9 Zackie-O is in training to become an HRD dog. She is certified through the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and has received external training and evaluation through the National Search Dog Alliance and the International Bloodhound Training Institute. Reyna is also starting her new puppy, Angus, to become a search dog.

Rich holds a NASAR SAR Tech II certification.  He has been the team's SAR training officer, and currently serves as 1st Deputy SAR Coordinator.  He is training Angus to be a trailing dog.


Rich is certified as a NASAR SAR Tech III and is a Charter Member, Vice President and 1st Deputy SAR Coordinator for SARTWC. Rich  has  earned his ham radio license (KB3ZQE). Rich is also works at base on searches helping to coordinate the response.



















Tom has earned his SAR Tech II and has an avid interest in Mantracking. He can often be found hiding from the search dogs during training. 


Wick is currently the Team's Treasurer and maintains his First Aid and CPR training to be able to provide support fuctions for the team.

The Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County mourn the loss of Quint Reiff, one of our newer members who added so much to our team. In addition to Quint's extensive outdoor knowledge, we will miss his friendliness, generosity and willingness to assist in whatever needed to be done for the team and on call outs. Quint's upbeat personality and his ready smile were always welcomed at searches, training and meetings.

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